How does your vehicle air condition system really work? 


Before we jump into the technical jargon of how your AC System works there is a really simple way to look at it. Your AC system turns regular air into cold air, how it does that is by compressing and decompressing refrigerant. See if you take an aerosol can of compressed air and spray it for 10 seconds you will feel the air being sprayed out of the can and the can are now cold. This is exactly how your vehicle's AC system works, the only difference is it takes the air in a closed loop and compress it then decompresses it over and over again. 


Then there are a few other components that blow regular air past the cold parts created by the air being compressed and decompressed which then goes through the vents to inside the vehicle.


So what is the number one problem with your auto ac system 85% of the time? You need to recharge your system with refrigerant!


Now if you want a more technical answer keep reading!


When one turns on the A/C, the system refrigerant (Freon) is compressed by the compressor. This raises the temperature of the refrigerant. As it flows through the condenser, the Freon loses heat. It then passes through the receiver/dryer. Here, moisture and other contaminants are removed, leading it on to the expansion valve/accumulator, where further slowing down of the refrigerant occurs. This causes it to lose pressure and temperature before getting to the evaporator. The evaporator gets cold and at the same time lowers the temperature of the refrigerant further. It also removes any moisture from the air. The blower motor of the ventilation system then blows cold air over the now cold evaporator and pushes the cooled air into the passenger compartment of the vehicle, bringing in that much-needed refreshment.


Like you would take your car for a brake service, do consider taking your car for an A/C service. It is just as vital. If the A/C system of your car is not giving you the desired results, then it is time to visit DJZ Automoive Repair. Take your A/C repair as seriously as you would take your brake repair.