Brake Repair in Rancho Cucamonga


The number one safety device on any car is it's brakes. Fortunately, there are ways to keep your brakes in good shape. From high-quality repair to regular maintenance, the mechanics here at DJZ Automotive work hard to keep your vehicle ready for road challenges. You can follow these tips to keep your brakes in good shape.

1. Watch for Signs of Pad Failure

If the brake-pedal feels different or if you hear a whining when you press the pedal, it means that you need to change the pads soon. Replacement is the best way to protect your much more expensive mechanical parts. 

2. Be Aware of Mechanical Damage

Warped or rusted discs or rotors is an urgent problem that must be addressed before an accident occurs. Brake repair is less expensive than an accident that damages the vehicle and threatens lives.

3. Replace the Brake Fluid

If brake fluid is old, it has absorbed unwanted moisture and adopted unwanted debris. This slows down the mechanical parts, grinding them against each other instead of lubricating them. Fortunately, draining and replacing the brake fluid is an inexpensive way to protect your brakes.

4. Watch for Leaks

A brake line can rust or develop holes. This allows the fluid to drain and leaves the brakes without lubrication. If you notice a leak, bring it to DJZ Automotive for a diagnosis. Our mechanics can repair the line and restore your brakes to working order.

5. Act Quickly

Your brake light and/or your traction control light signals a problem with stopping, traction, and stability. If you act quickly, you can prevent electronic issues from creating mechanicals ones. Getting a diagnosis and brake repair will prevent brake lock-up and other safety issues. 

For quality brake repair, visit DJZ Automotive your car's safety is our business.