When do you need a Wheel Alignment?


Do you ever notice your vehicle pulling to the left or to the right?

Is the steering wheel not centered when you are traveling straight?


The steering wheel indicates an alignment problem which is not only a nuisance to your driving comfort but a bigger problem for your tires and suspension system.


Tires are expensive so we completely understand your willingness to make all efforts to not wear them out prematurely. A simple alignment check can help spot problems before they become severe. Our shop is a one-stop shop for your alignment troubles. We have invested a respectable amount of money on the latest and greatest computerized alignment machines. In fact, the new alignment correction tools help our ASE certified, expert technicians to detect alignments down to one-tenth of a degree allowing us to get your car’s alignment back to the original manufacturer settings.


If you feel you alignment is off let us know and we can do an alignment test. Even subtle changes can cause uneven tire wear and can rob your valuable investment of thousands of miles. Tires are made to be worn evenly. If uneven wear occurs in one area, it can compromise the tire and force premature replacement, or worse, a blowout.


Our technicians undergo extensive alignment training. To begin the alignment procedure, your car is placed on an alignment lift and computerized sensors are attached to determine if an adjustment is needed. If it is we will adjust your alignment back to the manufacturer’s original settings. After the adjustments, we will retest your vehicle down to the tenth of a degree to make sure your car’s alignment is perfectly set. If you are concerned that you may not have time for this thorough alignment check.


Alignment adjustment is a necessary vehicle service. Periodically inspect your tires for signs of uneven wear. You should request an alignment adjustment every time you replace your tires. If you are uncertain of the last time your alignment was checked, or know you need an alignment give us a call today and schedule an appointment